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The company that I have chosen to research is Samsung. Samsung is a multinational electronic company that operates in many diverse fields of electronics and profits billions of dollars in revenue a year. In the earlier years of technology Samsung was mainly known for its semiconductors and its televisions. I can remember my favorite television in my household growing up was a Samsung. Samsung is constantly trying to improve their products by being on the forefront of future technologies. For an electronic company this is very important because technology is always changing and being innovative make customers more lenient to spend their money. Samsung’s biggest competitor in the mobile world is Apple. For years Apple has created products that have made billions of dollars do to their clean operating systems and stylish designs of their mobile devices. Many people believe that Apple simply replicates many features that Samsung first create though. With Samsung creating these features first they are able to have many more consumers as many people want these new features. An example of this was when Samsung first introduced multitasking on their phones. This somewhat set a new standard for mobile phones. Now many consumers feel that every phone should have multitasking.
A big part of being a consumers’ electronic company is marketing. Without marketing there aren’t any customers, which means no revenue. Marketing may be the most single important component of a consumers’ electronic company, especially when first trying to get your name out there. Many companies of Samsung’s size spend billions of dollars a year for marketing. When it comes to marketing Samsung definitely does not sell itself short. In 2013, Samsung had reportedly spent the most money on marketing that year of any other global company by spending nearly $14 billion that year on marketing. A major part of marketing for Samsung is social media. Social media has allowed companies to reach out to and interact with their customers like never before. I knew that this was definitely a social media age when I saw that the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, was responding to and handling issues of clients’ cars himself through his twitter account. All I could do was think that many years ago you would never get a direct response from any CEO of any company. Samsung has many social media accounts because they are a multinational corporation so they have to cater to everyone, so for this purpose of this article I will just choose one of their U.S. accounts. One of Samsung’s most important twitter accounts is their Samsung Mobile US twitter account. This account has 5.3 million followers with 124k tweets. These numbers are pretty ridiculous! Along with this twitter account they have a Samsung Mobile U.S. Facebook account with over 25 million likes!
After looking at many of the posts on both of these social media platforms I can see that these accounts are updated very regularly with new content and information. Majority of the information that they post on these accounts are advertising or promotions for new products they have or contests. I guess that they use contests as a way to still have a feel of a connection with the customer. Another thing that I found to be interesting about this Samsung’s social networks was that their post seems to do a lot better on Facebook. Some of the posts on Facebook tell you how many views a post has received and it seems that Facebook more views and likes. This can be caused by the larger audience on Facebook though. Samsung does have a suite of mobile application that are pertinent on both iOS and Android because they interact with many of their consumer devices. Samsung does tend to offer a bigger range of application on Android though as it is its home operating system. Some of these application incorporate social media into them. For example, one of their mobile apps that connects to their smart tv’s offer people to share on social media what they are watching to family and friends.
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Samsung Contact Lens
One of the two blog posts that I recently saw about Samsung can be found here. This article basically talks about how Samsung not only wants to have the smart phone market but also wants to have the smart home market as well and the efforts that they have put forward to do so. The second article can be found here. This article talking about Samsung’s smart contact lenses that have been quietly under development. Samsung has been trying to patent technology for these lenses to have built in cameras, and a display all on a contact lens. When reading this article all I could think is that the future is here. Technology is moving at a rapid pace a social media is constantly becoming a larger role in this. Below are two links to some tweets that mention Samsung that I think are cool.

Below are two links of two videos that talk about Samsung products and I will talk about how they impact the social environment.

The first link talks about the social app built into Samsung smart tvs that I mentioned above.
The second link is a video somewhat sponsored by Samsung. They gave a big YouTube one of their new devices to try out and show to his audience. Of course, he is a film maker and one of my favorite Youtubers’. This is a form of multimedia social media because this video engages a large amount of customers socially through the use of this device in his video. The video is also a 360 degree video! It is awesome!

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