What SpaceX ’s recent Falcon 9 landing says about the future of space flight


On April 8, 2015 SpaceX, a space exploration company founded by Elon Musk and contracted by NASA launched a booster to put a space habitat into orbit to reach the International Space Station. The space habitat was created by Bigelow Aerospace and is an expandable space habitat titled the BEAM. After releasing the Dragon, the spacecraft to take the beam to the space station, the Falcon 9 was set to maneuver back to land and dock on a drone ship in the middle of the ocean.
This was the fourth attempt to do such. The last attempt to do this caused an explosion on the drone ship in the ocean do to one of the rockets legs buckling. For SpaceX, the many tries before this one have been learning experiences for their future flights. With high winds affecting the booster as it came back down to land there was a high chance that the booster would not be able to land and blow up once again. But the booster made the proper adjustments to counter the wind and be able to land on the barge. Watching the landing live was phenomenal, there were people shouting and jumping for joy and everyone knew that history had been made.
Rocket reusability will save space flight so much money and make space flight more affordable. Elon, SpaceX’s CEO said that the goal is to have these rockets to be able to be checked and reused within a matter of weeks. This in turn would mean we could have more frequent supply missions to the International Space Station with cheaper costs. The Bigelow Aerospace BEAM habitat is also revolutionary being the first expandable habitat to be used in space. In the future we will see many more of these expandable habitats as they are cost effective and could be used for a lot more space on future space missions. With SpaceX announcing its plans for a mission to Mars later this year, many people are ecstatic and cannot wait for the bright future of space flight.


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