AVG Antivirus has been a mainstream computer security suite for over 10 years. The company guarantees more than 200 million hands-on devices, including 100 million mobile installations
In the course of recent years, the company has come under fire for introducing its AVG SafeSearch toolbar without user permission, and declaring that it would sell buyer information to advertisers. Presently, the company might have gone too far, on account of a bug in its AVG Web TuneUp software that basically broke security for Google Chrome users.
On Dec 15, Google Security investigator Tavis Orlandy lodged a bug report on AVG, mentioning that the software package:
“Adds various JavaScript API’s to chrome, apparently so that they hijack search settings as well as the New Tab page. The installation process is fairly complicated in order to bypass the chrome malware checks, which specifically tries to prevent abuse of this extension API. ”
Orlandy followed the bug report with a self-described angry email sent straight to AVG. In it, Orlandy writes:
“I’m really not excited about this trash being installed for Chrome users. The extension is so badly broken that I’m not sure if I should report it to you as a vulnerability, or asking the extension abuse team to investigate it as a pup [potentially unwanted programs]. ”

AVG released a broken patch for the problem on December 19 that Google immediately rejected. The company revised its patch again, but as of December 28, Google is reviewing the extension to determine whether AVG will be allowed to put it up at all.
A review of the very recent anti-virus reviews at AV-Comparatives shows AVG’s anti-virus performing above the rest. The same cannot be said, however, for the foistware which the company has taken to pushing at the users.
A litany of complaints from users have erupted in recent years, most say the same things: AVG ‘s supplemental softwares – Web TuneUp, SafeSearch and the like – are disliked.

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