There seems to be a new craze in the United States in urban neighborhoods of Seattle and New York. In these areas coffee memberships are on the uprise. Slowly fading are the days of paying for your coffee each day as coffee memberships are a lot more convenient for daily coffee drinkers. A well known coffee membership cafe is Fair Folks & a Goat in New York City. At this cafe, for only $25 a month , their customers are able to get unlimited coffee , espresso , tea, and lemonade.

Those who purchase a coffee membership at this cafe also receive 10% off all retail items in their store as well as access to any special events held at the store. With the average medium cup of coffee in the United States costing about $1.75 , these memberships allow the customer to save some money if they are daily drinkers. Even if you were to only get one cup of coffee a day with your coffee membership you could still manage to save over $25 a month. This coffee membership model has worked really well for this cafe as it has nearly 1,000 members. The shop does allow non-member people to buy coffee at regular prices as well.

There are also a lot of other membership coffee cafes . In New York there is a mobile application called CUPS , which lets you get coffee from many different coffee shops in your area but you are limited to a certain quantity with each membership. CUPS allows it users to get 5 cups for $18, 15 cups for $51 and unlimited cups for $120. While those prices can seem a little excessive you are paying for the convenience of being able to go to multiple shops and save a little money. This is a pretty good business model for things that people use often. We will have to wait to see which part of our lives become membership friendly next.

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