Apple launched its first major application for Android devices yesterday, extending its Apple Music platform to Android-based cell phones and tablets. With the presentation of a beta Apple Music app for the Google Play Store, Android clients will have the capacity to subscribe to the Apple Music streaming service, listen to Beats 1 radio, and access Apple-connect’s artist-based social network.

The new Apple Music app is available through the Google Play Store and requires Android 4.3 or higher. It is available in all countries where Apple Music for iOS is available, with the exception of China. Apple Music contains the same three months trial period for Android users and is priced the same – $ 9.99 for an individual plan and $ 14.99 for a family plan.
Apple music for Android offers a design that is just like the iOS version, however as it’s a beta, it does not yet consist of music videos or the option to subscribe for a family membership in the app. Family memberships will need to be bought on an iOS device.

The major, obvious difference from the iOS model of Apple Music is the absence of Siri integration—though Apple also goes as far as to disable making use of your voice to search for songs or artists whilst browsing within the app. In any other case, the app functions just like on iOS and loads Apple Music playlists you’ve generated on other devices. One visual difference: instead of letting users swap between tabs at the bottom of the screen, those tabs are already moved to a more Android-appropriate sidebar which can be actuated with a tap of the hamburger icon. This is just Apple’s fourth application for Android taking after two Beats-related applications and the poorly reviewed “Move to iOS” application.

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