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If you are trying to find out where you can find the best cellular service, look no further. It is very likely that if you live near a major city that you expect to have exceptional service because that is what you pay for. Cellular services quality differs from city to city drastically.

Rootmetrics, a wireless research company , did research on the top 125 most populated urban areas. Their research determined that the top five cities for wireless performance was Atlanta, Chicago, Knoxville, Nashville, and Jacksonville.

RootMetrics found that Nashville and Knoxville finished at the top of several categories, including network reliability, call performance and data performance. Service in the two cities are also markedly improved from last year. In 2014, Nashville was ranked 79th, while Knoxville sat at No. 69. Their research also shows that the bottom five cities are Hudson Valley, Reno, Omaha, Colorado Springs, and El Paso. So the next time your are seeking premium cellular service remember location location location.

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