Xbox One Update Coming Soon


Microsoft announced that the new Windows 10-based Xbox One update coming soon will include the user interface first shown at E3 in June, and will be rolled out Xbox One systems in November.The new interface is designed to make it quicker to get into games and easier to socialize with your friends.

The update will also include Cortana support. With this, players will be able to do things like ask if particular friends are online, invite them to games, and send them messages, all without interrupting their game.This update will also include Xbox 360 backward compatibility. Currently available in preview, the November release will open up support for playing a limited (but sure to grow) selection of Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One console to everyone.

A Chatpad accessory for the Xbox One controller is due for release on either October 27 or November 10. Just like the Xbox 360, this accessory adds a little keyboard to the bottom of the controller to make it much easier to write messages and enter passwords. The keyboard also includes a 3.5mm jack for headsets and volume/mute buttons to control them. While current generation Xbox One controllers (including the imminent Xbox Elite Controller) sport native 3.5mm jacks, first generation controllers needed an accessory to support regular 3.5mm headsets. The keyboard should work with all first party Xbox One controllers, and it will also be supported in Windows 10.


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