Adidas takes on Nike


Adidas has recently said that they would like to invest more money into basketball by offering a shoe deal to Houston Rocket’s star player James Harden. Harden previously had an offer from Nike, but the Adidas deal would trump the Nike deal.

If James Harden accepted this deal he would be in the top 25 highest paid athletes. Adidas offered James Harden $200 million for a 13 year deal. This would make Harden’s payout about $15.4 million a year making it also one of the highest paid shoe endorsements.

Adidas do have some reputable names under their brand like Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard, but Nike still prevails in shoe brands worn by NBA players. Harden’s deal would be more than Derrick Rose’s $185 million deal but would still fall under Kevin Durant’s nike deal.

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