Why Biden Should Run for President


After much thought and consideration many people believe the the current Vice President, Joe Biden, should consider making a run at the Presidential position. Vice President Biden has always been widely know as being a very personable person and very engaged in communities and its people. There is a story about Biden on a golf trip , where the vice president engaged a couple on the golf course after slicing a ball onto their fairway.

During this event the Vice president was very interested in getting to know the couple and learning about their lives. This discussion entailed asking them where they live , if they have kids, and where their children go to school. During this discussion Biden found out that the couple was from his home state of Delaware.

Many people feel that it is these qualities of Biden that would make him a good presidential candidate. It was the fact that Biden would go and get to know this couple even after the Secret Service warned him to not go get the ball. One follower of Biden said it best, “He pays attention to people as individual human beings.” If Biden did decide to run for the presidential election he would have to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

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